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CM Answers Plugin – How to Moderate Discussions

This video demonstration shows how the CM Answers Q&A WordPress plugin works. Watch how you can publish a discussion forum on your WordPress site, moderate and control discussion threads, and manage user permissions to allow users you manage to contribute their answers or questions and which users’ answers or questions require further moderation and approval.

The above tutorial shows you how to use the Questions and Answers pages and the CM Answers admin dashboard interface to customize your display settings to show the number of answers, the number of views or votes by users. Control panel supports administrator to Moderate answers, and questions and keep the debate relevant and on topic.

CM Answers Pro – Features of the Pro Version

With the CM Answers Pro version there are many more ways to customize our WP plugin. With the Pro version of our Q&A plugin, you can setup social media logins for users of Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, so that visitors can register and begin commenting and answering questions seamlessly.

As the plugin’s administrator, you can moderate user permissions and you can control who’s answers or questions get displayed, and who’s answers or questions require further moderation and approval. Manage the display settings on how questions and answers are sorted and ranked on your website. Because you can manage the user permissions of your members, this ensures that only the people you trust are allowed to write comments or ask questions that don’t first require your approval.

CM Answers Plugin – Questions Page

This is how the question and answers categories are setup and moderated with our Q&A plugin for wordpress

The CM Answers plugin creates a Question Page that displays in WordPress all the created questions that have been posted on your discussion forum. Here you can customize the display to only show questions that have been approved by contributors you moderate, and according to your specific functionality.

CM Answers Plugin – Answers Page

this is a screenshot of how the CM answers plugin publishes questions and answers on your website.

The CM Answers plugin for WordPress has an Answers page that includes all the answers that have been posted by users according to each specific question asked, the plugin can be customized to sort answers according to popularity and time.

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