Logs and Statistics Module to Track Activity on your forum

The CM Answers Logs and Statistics module records all of your users’ activity, including anonymous users, providing you with a track record of posted questions, answers & votes. Each entry is kept along with the username (if it exists), as well as the user’s IP address and Geo-Location.

Advantages of our Logs and statistics module

Administrators using the CM plugin for WordPress can download log data onto an excel spreadsheet to perform a more extended analysis of their users. Using our advance log and Geo-location modules, administrators can receive information about the location and behavior of all their users with a single click. Analyzing that data can help you improve user experience on your site and better understand your audience.

Here is a quick view of the Logs and statistics module interface

The log entries that are tracked by the logs and statistics module in the CM Answers plugin for WordPress.

The log entries

Example of a graph showing posted questions

Example of a graph showing posted questions