New! Integrate MicroPayment in your WP discussion forum

The CM Answers can integrate with CM MicroPayment to support adding a virtual currency layer to your Q&A discussion infrastructure.

Why integrate MicroPayment in your Q&A forum?

CM Answers can support various scenarios where users pay or receive points for posting or answering questions, allowing admins to reward top contributors for improving the quality of your forum.

How does MicroPayment integrate with CM Answers?

After installing CM Micropayment, every registered user is given his own wallet. Then after the quick setup of the external Payment Gateway and the currency, users can buy the virtual currency on your site and use it as if it was a prepaid credit card, and perform actions on your Q&A Forum. Authors will then be charged or granted with points according to criteria that you define.

micro-payment module to track rewards for good contributions by authors

Integrate Micropayment with CM Answers to support the following use cases


  • Charging points for Posting a Question
  • Charging points for Posting an Answer
  • Adding points for Posting a Question
  • Adding point for Answering a Question
  • Grant points to the best answers (Soon to come)


Each user can view his wallet at any given time and check all the transactions made with his wallet. The CM Micropayment can also work with Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) and use the EDD checkout and payment gateways.

Micro-payment is a gateway for paying contributing authors