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CM Answers FAQ
If you have a query about CM Answers, please find below a series of Frequently asked questions and answers. We hope this will be helpful in assisting you with your query.


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To post a question or an answer you need to have a WordPress user. Creating one can be done by signing in with your Goolge+, FB+ LinkedIn, Twitter and MicroSoft. You can also sign in with your WordPress user if you already have one. We do not support free posting of questions or answers as we are using WordPress Spam and notification systems and each question is a post which needs a user attached to it

Please check the following. Connection error usually results from the following –

1- App was defined in the sandbox mode in FaceBook. Please check your app definitions
2- Category was not defined for App . Please check your app definitions
3- Your server configuration needs to be changed. Please check if allow_url_fopen is enabled in global php.ini file on the server. More info
4- Facebook authentication code is quite long. The server responds with 414 Request-URI Too Long, when FB sends its auth code. If so the you need to change the setting LimitRequestLine in Apache configuration to higher value . Please change the conf or contact administrator.
5. App need to be available for public users to use

There are two ways to customize the style and appearance of your Answer page.
First is to create a template in a directory called CMA and place it under your theme folder. This directory will contain all the files copies from the plugin under views/forntend. You can edit single.phtml and index.phtml to make changes in the appearance of the question or the answer pages

Second and more quicker way to to locate the object in the page which you need to change and add it’s new definition into the custom css tab found in the plugin setting

To locate you can right click on the element and in the browser menu look for Inspect Element (Chrome)

21-01-2014 09-09-52

Nest step is to locate the item element in the source code

21-01-2014 09-13-06

Once you located the css class and define the change you can use the custom css found in the plugin settings

21-01-2014 09-15-24

Yes. CM Answers use custom posts for the question itself and WP comments for answers. Therefor a real WordPress user needs to be assigned to each question/custom post. Once using WP search engine or other excellent plugins like Relevanssi, in this plugin settings you can look for the CM Answers custom post and add it to the index. This is the same case for plugins which generate sitemaps

We do not support versions less than 5.3 but here is a walk around that might work, try one of the following options:

1) Add the following to the site .htaccess:

# Use PHP 5.3
AddType application/x-httpd-php53 .php

2) remove the following lines from cm-answers.php (lines 33-34)
if (version_compare(‘5.3’, PHP_VERSION, ‘>’)) {
die(‘We are sorry, but you need to have at least PHP 5.3 to run this plugin (currently installed version: ‘.PHP_VERSION.’) – please upgrade or contact your system administrator.’);

The first solution if it works is better since you will be able to continue upgrading the plugin on each release

Yes. CM Answers support email notification in several levels and allow user to receive the notification directly to their email

1 – Admin can set notification in plugin setting to receive alerts on new question
01-02-2014 17-10-13

2 – Question author can receive notification for answers posted for his question
01-02-2014 17-12-07

3 – User who posted an answer can follow other answers

01-02-2014 17-13-12

Yes. In the plugin settings you can define that only administrators have the ability to answer posted questions.
01-02-2014 17-15-46

Yes. In general what you need to do is create a templet directory within your theme directory called cma


Copy all files from

/wp-content/plugins/cm-Answers/views/frontend including directories other

Now you can control the way each part in cm-answer look

To change the answer page you need to edit


Lines 168.169

[sourcecode language=”plain”]<textarea name="content" placeholder="<?php _e(‘Write your Answer here’,’cm-answers-pro’); ?>"></textarea>[/sourcecode]


[sourcecode language=”plain”]<textarea style="width:200px;height:50px" name="content" placeholder="<?php _e(‘Write your Answer here’,’cm-answers-pro’); ?>"></textarea>[/sourcecode]

Lines 228.229


[sourcecode language=”plain”]<textarea name="content" placeholder="<?php _e(‘Write your Answer here’,’cm-answers-pro’); ?>"></textarea>[/sourcecode]


[sourcecode language=”plain”] <textarea style="width:200px;height:50px" name="thread_comment" cols="50" rows="3" placeholder="<?php _e(‘What is your Question about?’,’cm-answers-pro’);[/sourcecode]

More on textarea css in here

Yes! But you will need to install another plugin.
Changing the category order is not related to the CM answers plugin but rather to the WordPress interface.
Install the custom taxonomy sort plugin to add an order option to each of the terms in the Answers taxonomy. As this is an old plugin, it may not work with all WordPress versions, but it is extremely helpful in ordering your CM Answers Q&A Forum categories.

Since CM Answers includes several mechanisms such as user notifications and spam reports, currently it cannot support submissions from anonymous users of either questions or answers. Only users which are logged in can publish posts.

However, In the CM Answers Pro Edition, anonymous users can login with their Twitter, Microsoft Live, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ profiles, allowing them to post their questions and answers easily with only a very quick authentication of their social media profile with CM Answers.

Currently the votes are for answers only, but we plan to add this feature in future releases.

The answers show the comments since we are using WP comments system. Using WP comments allow us to rely on plugins like Askimet or WP built-in spam systems.

It is possible to change this using the plugin theme method

1) You need to copy all the plugin /views/frontend files into CMA directory and place it under your theme directory
2) You can then edit any of the files including the single.phtml and the index.phtml which includes this labels

Go to the custom CSS tab In the plugin settings. This will enable you to change CSS on the fly. You can also rewrite the CSS in your theme CSS using the same classes and making sure it loads after the plugin CSS. Last option is to edit plugin CSS located in view->resources, but this is not recommended since each time we will update the plugin you will need to review your changes.

Sure. CM Answers uses post for questions and comments for answers. Both the Question and the Answer pages are built in a friendly way for search engines. If you are using a sitemap generators please make sure to include custom post type questions before rebuilding the sitemap.

Yes! If you use CM answers as a shortcode you can insert it inside a page/post and put your Google adSense anywhere you want.

If you’re using CM Answers without the shortcode you may need to create a template theme (called CMA) and edit the plugin pages (questions list and answer page) to place your Google Adsense anywhere on it. You may also use Google Adsens on the side widgets and for this you don’t need to edit the theme.

The plugins depends on WordPress spam system so what you are experiencing is probably a result of your Spam settings in WordPress.

In the plugin settings you can find a table which explains the plugin behavior based on your WordPress settings, it is called Moderation options table” and it is located on the upper part of the settings screen above the tabs.

Please adjust the settings according to the expected behavior
28-12-2013 22-46-39

Each question is a WordPress post so it is up to the sitemap you have created to link to this post and it will be googled. On the other hand even when you submit a sitemap to Google it does not necessarily index everything.

If you install XML-Sitemap which is a popular sitemap plugin you will notice that the answers are one of the option to select when building your sitemap
28-12-2013 23-04-31

The current list of shortcodes which is supported is

limit – number of questions/page to display (default: “Questions” 5 | “My questions” -1 [no limit] )
author – ID of the question author (default: empty) [Question only]
cat – slug of category (categories separate by commas) (default: empty)
sort – one of following: newest, hottest, views, votes (default: newest)
form – add “question form” below list (default: 0)
search – add “search form” above list (default: 1)
pagination – show pagination (default: 1)
hidequestions – hides the question list (default: 0)
votes – show the number of votes (default: 1)
views – show the number of views (default: 1)
answers – show the number of answers (default: 1)
updated – show the information about question’s last update (default: 1)
authorinfo – show the infformation about question’s author (default: 1)
statusinfo – show the information about question’s status (default: 0)
Example: cma-questions limit=”10″ author=”123″ sort=”hottest” form=”1″

Yes. In order to do that you will need to use the shortcode.

First, create the categories using the CM Answers categories taxonomy.
Then, place the following shortcode inside pages or posts where you want the forum to appear:

cma-questions limit=”10″ cat=”category-name” sort=”hottest” form=”1″

You can add more parameters to the shortcode using the following options

limit – number of questions/page to display (default: “Questions” 5 | “My questions” -1 [no limit] )
author – ID of the question author (default: empty) [Question only]
cat – slug of category (categories separate by commas) (default: empty)
sort – one of following: newest, hottest, views, votes (default: newest)
form – add “question form” below list (default: 0)
search – add “search form” above list (default: 1)
pagination – show pagination (default: 1)
hidequestions – hides the question list (default: 0)
votes – show the number of votes (default: 1)
views – show the number of views (default: 1)
answers – show the number of answers (default: 1)
updated – show the information about question’s last update (default: 1)
authorinfo – show the information about question’s author (default: 1)
statusinfo – show the information about question’s status (default: 0)

No. CM Answers is not related in any way to bbPress. You can use is without installing bbPress

The way to detect this is (Chrome) by right clicking on the element and choosing “Inspect Element” it will give you the option to edit the css and preview the outcome before copying the css element over to the custom css tab.

Here are some useful links that can help you with using this browser feature to detect the css element:
and a video

Yes. CM Answers questions are built as WordPress Posts so they are indexed just like posts are. Since all question titles are marked as an h1 title tag, search engines automatically look for it while indexing the page.
All you have to do is include your CM Answers Q&A forum in your site map and your discussion forum is ready to be crawled!

For instance once using XML-SiteMaps plugin make sure to choose the custom post type questions as part of the sitemap
05-01-2014 10-30-02

Language files are located under the /lang directory in the plugin. You can take any existing .po file and change the non English description to your custom language. You can then use a po to mo converter like in here to create the mo file

Here is an example of how the original English text and the translation looks in the po file
05-01-2014 10-36-58

After creating these two files, copy them to the language directory. You are also welcome to send them to us so we can include them in the plugin pack.

No…They can use social login but at the end it will create a local user in the WordPress users table

For security reasons, the CM Answers plugin uses WordPress spam and Akismet, which means anonymous user postings cannot be made available for publishing a post inside WordPress at all. However, anonymous users can login using their social media accounts from Facebook, Tweeter, Linkedin, Google+ or using their WordPress profile in case they have one. This way, even anonymous user postings can be published, without the need to for a long registration process.

Sure. you can point to the answers page with a feed assigned to the URL

for example

Yes. you can define this in the CM Answers access control settings.

Once users log-in using the social login option they have a WP record created for them with their name and email. It is possible therefor to show the name of the user using WordPress default functions in the CM Answers theme.

It is also possible to show the user a logout link:

if ( is_user_logged_in() ) {
echo ‘Logout’;

You can customize colors with CSS and build your own template. You can also use the Custom CSS tab located in the plugin settings to change colors easily

Yes. Upgrading to the CM Answers pro edition will automatically remove this attribute from your page.

Yes. CM answers is an all inclusive forum server that allows you to easily publish a Mobile Responsive Questions and Answers Forum, Discussion board and community bulletin, or have forums on different fields of interest all on a single WordPress site.
You can use a shortcode and embed as many forums as you like.

The allow markup box can be removed from the CM Answers plugin settings via your WordPress dashboard.

Once upgrading to a newer version of CM Answers, you can safely delete the old plugin version and install the new one from within your dashboard. Your data will not be erased.

Another method is to upload using ftp but this has a disadvantage ! Since sometime we update the database structure. So make sure you deactivate and activate the plugin after upgrading.

Multiple forums can easily be created by assigning the forum categories to your forum content types, and by using the shortcodes provided with the plugin to insert those categories on different pages and posts.

Here’s what you need to do to create multiple forums:

  • Under CM Answers pro, select Categories and follow the instructions to Create a category per each forum you want to have on your site
  • Use a shortcode that specifies the category to display the forum on a specified forum page of your choice

You can also eliminate the appearance of the overall answers pages, that includes all the forums in the plugin settings.

Question are posts and they are stored in the post table with post type cma_thred
Answers are regular WordPress comments and they are stored in the comments