Where do I find more on shortcodes

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The current list of shortcodes which is supported is

limit – number of questions/page to display (default: “Questions” 5 | “My questions” -1 [no limit] )
author – ID of the question author (default: empty) [Question only]
cat – slug of category (categories separate by commas) (default: empty)
sort – one of following: newest, hottest, views, votes (default: newest)
form – add “question form” below list (default: 0)
search – add “search form” above list (default: 1)
pagination – show pagination (default: 1)
hidequestions – hides the question list (default: 0)
votes – show the number of votes (default: 1)
views – show the number of views (default: 1)
answers – show the number of answers (default: 1)
updated – show the information about question’s last update (default: 1)
authorinfo – show the infformation about question’s author (default: 1)
statusinfo – show the information about question’s status (default: 0)
Example: cma-questions limit=”10″ author=”123″ sort=”hottest” form=”1″

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