Want More Features ? See What the CM Answers plugin Can Do for you!


With the CM Answers plugin, Users can upload file attachments to their questions or answers. Admins can restrict certain file extensions.

Access Control

Administrators can control who is allowed to view or post queries and which users are allowed to respond. Also control access to category by roll


Moderate user posts in your discussion forum like you would moderate WP spam. Restrict access or allow auto-approvals to specific users.


Authors receive notifications when answers to their questions are posted. Users can track discussions on specific topics based on the category.


Categorize your questions and answers in multiple or two level ways. Supports multiple forums.


Use a shortcode to embed questions and answers in your discussion forum to any page or post.


Integrates with BuddyPress API. Shows posts by users that login with their BP profile.

Social media Login

Users can login with their social media accounts to post questions or answers.

User Profile

Users can view their profiles that contain all their Q&A’s and discussion forum contribution statistics

Text Editor

Users can edit their questions or answers with a functional TinyMCE text editor


Include a disclaimer that asks users to agree to your terms when they visit your forum for the first time


Easily customize the style and appearance of your Q&A discussion forum.


Tag questions with multiple keywords for searching similar topics on you CM Answers plugin

User Dashboard

Users can view their public profiles, along with a list of all the questions and answers they’ve posted

Edit After Posting

Authors can be allowed to edit their questions and answers even after they’ve submitted their posts


Supports UTF-8 characters for translation into a variety of different languages

Best Answer

Settings allow users to select the best answer out of all the responses submitted to their question

Favorite Question

Votes can be enabled for users to pick their favorite questions.

WordPress Multisite

Compatible with WordPress multisite functionality

User Gravatar

Displays a Gravatar icon beside each user profile.

WordPress Comments Integration

Replaces the WP comments system with a Q&A widget on each page or post.

Logs & Statistics

Generates a detailed log and statistics of the forum activity

Geo-location Information

Shows the geographic location so you can see where your users are coming from.


Support within CM Answers for micro-payments to users that post answers.

Multiple File Uploads

Support multiple file uploads on your discussion forum.

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop files to attach them to posts


Comments can be added for each question or answer.

Private Questions

Support Asking question poster private questions.

Private Answers

Support posting answers which only question poster and user can see.

Mobile Reponsive

Plugin is Mobile friendly

Ads Integration

Support showing ads and banners inside forum.

Uses for the CM Answers Q&A Plugin

  • Forum – Puts a lightweight and easy to use Discussion Forum on your WordPress site or blog.
  • Support Forum – Supports your users while allowing them to vote and answer existing topics that you moderate.
  • Community – Adds a discussion forum to your site that allow your members to start their own conversations and ask questions.
  • Questions & Answers – Users can answer questions sent by other users.
  • Customer Support – Answers retail customer’s questions.
  • StackOverflow – Adds a StackOverflow style forum to your site.
  • Paid Support – Charge users for posted questions & answers.

List of Features in CM Answers – Free Edition

Download Free Plugin Edition
  • Includes a views count.
  • Includes an answers count.
  • Administrators can moderate question & answers and can receive email notifications.
  • Users can receive notifications when answering a question pending follow-up
  • Sorting options in the question and answer pages.
  • Template can be easily customized according to users requirements.

List of Features in CM Answers Pro – Pro Edition License

30-Day Money Back Guarantee – BUY PRO PLUGIN EDITION Includes all free edition features with the following additions:

General Settings

General Settings

  • [New] Mobile Responsive – Responsive design adjusted to mobile devices.
  • [New] Comments – Ability to add comments for the question and for all the answers in a thread.
  • [New] Attachment – Support multiple attachments in question and in all answers. Attachments can be drag and dropped.
  • [New] Spam Report – Spam Report mechanism.
  • [New] Log & Statistics – Show detailed log file with all user events in the CM Answers and display log information on graphs.
  • [New] Replace WordPress Comments – Replace WordPress Comments system with a Q&A widget on every page or post.
  • [New] Categories Support – Support a two level category navigation.
  • Categories– Ability to add categories and display them using a Shortcode. cat=catname (Demo), (Demo in Questions Index)
  • Multisite– Supports multisites.
  • Localization Support – Frontend (user side) is localized.
  • Homepage – Supports options to define CM Answers as the Site or Blog homepage (Image from settings)
  • Permalink – Customizable CM Answers permalink. (Image from settings)
  • Disclaimer -Added Disclaimer support for first time users. (Image from settings) , (Image when disclaimer appears)
  • Gratitude Message – Does not include our Gratitude Message in the footer.

Access Restrictions & Moderation

Access Restriction & Moderation

  • [New] Access Control to Category– Control access to category by roll.
  • [New] Access Control– Admins can define who can ask questions and who can answer based on user role.
  • Moderation– With the CM answers plugin, administrators can define a list of users who are exempt and can post without any need of moderation or approval. (image)


Shortocdes & Widgets

  • Shortcodes– Generates a Questions List by using a Shortcode: cma-questions with additional parameters. For example, limit=10 author=123 sort=hottest (Demo)
  • Widgets– Widget integration that can sort and display hottest questions, most viewed, most recent answers and more. (image), (Demo in Questions Index)

User Management

User Management

  • [New] BuddyPress – Integration with BuddyPress.
  • Social Media Registration Integration– Integrates with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Microsoft Live and LinkedIn profiles. (image-1) (image-2)
  • User Dashboard– Adds “My Questions” and “My Answers” dashboards to the user profile page by using Shortcodes: cma-my-questions and cma-my-answers. (image)
  • Public User Profile– Automatically generates a public profile page containing all the questions and answers a user has posted, with a link to his or her social media profile. (image), (Demo)
  • Gravatar – Ability to display a Gravatar near the user’s name and in the user’s profile.
  • User Posting Meter -Ability to add the user’s profile of the number of posted questions and answers that the user has contributed displayed beside their user name. (image)

Questions Management

Questions Management

  • [New] Private Questions – Add ability to send a direct question to a user. Question will be sent to user email.
  • [New] Private Answers – Add ability to answer privately so only question author can view the question.
  • [New] Ads Integration – Add support to Ad Sense and any other ad server using JS or shortcode to integrate advertisements in the q&A.
  • [New] Favorite Question – Support marking questions as favorite.
  • [New] Best Answer – Support marking the best answer by question author.
  • [New] Mark Question as Resolved – Question author can mark question as resolved.
  • Order Answers – Shows and sorts all answers in ascending or descending order. (Image from Settings)
  • Attachments – Accepts file attachments when posting a question. Limits for file types and sizes. (Image), (Image from Settings)
  • Text Editor – Includes a full text editor for questions and answers
  • Edit Questions or Answer – Question or Answers can be edited after posting
  • Tags – Tags can be added when posting a question. Users can search for topics using tags (Demo – Widget on the right), (Image)
  • Sticky Questions – Supports sticky questions with an administrator defined background color. (Demo – First question is sticky), (Image When Admins edit question posts) , (Image from settings)
  • Show or Hide Views– Administrators can choose to hide or show the number of views for each topic. (image)
  • View Count Control – Controls how a view count is tabulated (by view or by session). (Image from Settings)
  • Ajax Support – Uses a Shortcode that displays the Category, supported by Ajax. Views of categories fit within the current site template.
  • Code Snippets in Posts – Support for code snippets and custom background color. (Demo of code inside a question), (Image from settings)
  • Social Share – Includes a social share widget in the question page. (Demo)
CM Answers Add-Ons CM Answer Anonymous User Posting Add-On

The CM Answer Anonymous User Posting add-on enables non logged-in users to post questions, answers and comments in the CM Answers discussion board. Posts by non logged-in users are posted under a generic user and appear as such. Admins can moderate anonymous user postings to avoid spam and authorize content. The CM Answers add-on Extension also include Captcha support.

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CM Answers Widgets Add-Ons CM Answer Widgets Add-On

CM Answers Widgets is a set of 5 fun visualization tools which enhance your WordPress forum by highlighting your questions, tags and categories. The visualization tools comes in two forms, widgets and shortcodes

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CM Answers Add-Ons CM MicroPayment

CM Micropayment Platform adds the support for your own “virtual currency”. The purpose of this plugin is to allow in-site transactions without the need to process payments with an external payments each time (quicker & easier). Both CM Answers & CM Download Manager integrate with CM Micropayment. Developer can use it as a platform to integrate with their own plugins

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