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Answers plugin for WordPress

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Wordpress plugins for publishing a discussion forum or conversation thread on your post or webpage, cm answers has many customizable features.

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Creative Minds has designed a plugin for WordPress that publishes a q&a type discussion forum where you can ask questions to your readers and they can answer them.

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With user voting on best answer, popularity for answers with the most views and administrator permissions for users to login and post their comments to questions that you moderate.

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CM answers is a question and answer discussion forum plugin for WordPress websites and blogs.

User Profile on Pro Plugin

CM Answers works with its own dashboard along with a questions page and answer page to customize how answers are displayed.

General Plugin Settings

With cm answers you can manage user permissions and enable social media login to people who have Facebook accounts, Linkedin accounts and Google+ accounts.

Admin Answers Page

Cminds develops and designs plugins for wordpress, read our reviews on the wordpress plugin directory.

User's Questions Dashboard

Cm answers is a question & answer plugin that works with wordpress to publish peoples answers to questions that you moderate.

User's Answers Dashboard

Discussion forum for WordPress with the use of shortcodes.

Implementation In Spanish of Questions Page

Questions and Answers functionality plugin works in many languages including Spanish.

Implementation in Spanish of User Profile