Introduction to our WordPress Q&A forum plugin

The CM Answers plugin by CreativeMinds allows you to easily publish multiple WordPress Q&A forums and discussion boards on your site, which are all mobile responsive, easy to use and Search engine friendly!

Controlling your WordPress Q&A forums

The plugin’s control panel settings include a number of simple ways to moderate and customize the discussion threads and Q&A forums, allowing complete control over which questions, answers and comments get published; Manage user permissions to individually allow users to post questions and answers on your website’s forum without requiring moderation, while anonymous users who submit an answer or ask a question can be made to require further administrator moderation and approval.

WordPress Q&A Forum moderation

Question and Answer pages are generated automatically. You can customize the appearance of your Q&A forums by indexing queries from top commentators according to the number of responses, the number of views or the number of votes made by users. In addition, admins can moderate each query asked or answered, which can help keep the debate, conversation or discussion relevant and on topic.

Watch our introduction video to learn more

WordPress q&a forum plugin by CreativeMinds