The best WordPress discussion forum plugin – Advanced Features of our Pro Edition

The CM Answers Pro edition by CreativeMinds offers even more ways to customize your WordPress discussion forum plugin so that it best serves your website’s needs, by including social media integration, custom CSS, managing auto-approvals and setting up moderation options, defining the sorting and visibility of questions and answers posted on your forum and much much more…

The Questions page

The CM Answers plugin lets you create a Q&A page on your WordPress site, which can include all questions that are posted in the forum section of your website. Features can be customized to specific functions that meet your requirements, including showing questions by category or questions by moderated contributors.

The Answers page

The CM Answers page includes all answers that have been posted to correspond with a specific question. This also includes user voting and rating scales for the best answer published, as well as the option to sort answers in a variety of ways.

Custom settings

Tailor the Q&A section of your site according to the site’s needs with the CM answers discussion forum plug in. Utilize the social media registration feature with Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ authentication.

Social media login integration

The CM answers plugin allows non-registered users to login to your WordPress discussion forum plugin with their social media accounts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Live. This enables anonymous users to register as a contributor and begin commenting and answering immediately, without requiring a long registration process.

Managing your Q&A user permissions

As the plug-in’s administrator, you can set user permissions and control whose answer or inquiry gets displayed, moderate the questions and answers published by your users, and approve or dismiss them from appearing on your WordPress discussion forum. Manage the user permissions to ensure that only the people you trust are allowed to write comments or ask questions without first requiring further authorization.

Learn more about what you can do with the best WordPress discussion forum plugin in this tutorial video: